Electroconvulsive therapy is good for the medical billers and officers to get the payment on time

Electroconvulsive therapy (includes necessary monitoring). This code is for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which involves the application of electric current to the patient’s brain for the purposes of producing a seizure or series of seizures to alleviate mental symptoms. ECT is used primarily for the treatment of depression that does not respond to medication. The code includes the time the physician takes to monitor the patient during the convulsive phase and during the recovery phase. When the psychiatrist also administers the anesthesia for ECT, the anesthesia service should be reported separately, using an anesthesia code. ECT is covered by most insurance plans.

90875 Individual psychophysiological therapy incorporating biofeedback training by any modality. (face-to-face with the patient), with psychotherapy (e.g., insight-oriented, behavior modifying, or supportive psychotherapy); 30 minutes. Code 90876 for 45 minutes.

These two procedures incorporate biofeedback and psychotherapy (insight oriented, behavior modifying, or supportive) as combined modalities conducted face-to-face with the patient. They are distinct from biofeedback codes 90901 and 90911, which do not incorporate psychotherapy and do not require face-to-face time. Medicare will not reimburse for either of these codes. 

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Health Care Operations coding

Health Care Operations includes quality improvement activities, credentialing, training, underwriting, compliance services, business planning and development, business management and general administration.

Protected Health Information (“PHI”)

• Identifies a person (reasonable basis to believe that it can be used to identify a person) (e.g.: Name, MR#, address or face photo…)


    • Relates to person’s past, present, or future:


Physical, Mental Health or Condition; 


Provision of Any Treatment or Health Care; or


Payment for the Provision of Any Health Care.


Prevent PHI from loss, tampering, alteration, destruction, unauthorized access or inadvertent disclosure.

Payment includes bizlling, claims management, medical necessity, utilization review activities, determination of coverage Medical coding training online

Paying for assistance

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The ease of assistance

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managed print services

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Becoming a good assistant

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