Interesting Thoughts about Computers

The incredible development of computer technologies creates many questions that don’t have answers now. The scientists and the ordinary people are curious about whether computers are able to start acting and thinking like humans one day or not.

screenshot from a famous fild about robotsSince the day the first computer appeared, writers continued creating fantastic stories and novels about the rise of computers and their fighting against humanity. Later, a lot of films started to develop this idea. It seemed to be just pure fantasies but many scientists and technicians are interested in an idea that all these fantasies may come true in some way in the future. The films ‘I, Robot’ and the other multiple movies show us a possibility of developing such a turn of events.

Computers are capable to imitate a lot of human acts nowadays and still the most of the scientists agree that they are not able to act and think on their own. Computers can be operated only by humans. There was a famous technician named Alan Turing and he invented the Turing test. During this test a person was sitting at a computer sending messages and in the other room either a computer or a human was answering these messages. A person, sitting in the first room, didn’t know either a computer or a human was present in the other room. So the Turing test was considered to be passed by a computer if a person from the first room thought it was a human. This test hasn’t been passed by any computer yet. So I guess the scientists, keeping to this point of view, are right.

But the other group of the scientists thinks it is possible that one day computer will be able to think like a human brain does. For example, many computers are capable to write music or do some paintings, though these programs have been made by computer technicians and software programmers.

There are a lot of discussions and open questions about these things at present times and only future will be able to show us what group of the scientists was not wrong about this. And we must hope that a scenario of a movie ‘Terminator’ is not going to come true and we will live with the feeling of safety about the proper working of our computers and robots, and all the fantastic stories will stay real only at the pages of the fiction books on the shelves of the book stores.

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