The Use of Electronic Cigarettes and Their Harm to Smokers and People Around Them

When e-cigs only appeared and were well-advertised as a great alternative to tobacco smoking, people believed in their harmless nature without asking any questions. Now, the amount of information regarding their harmfulness makes people puzzled about the use of the so called smokeless cigarettes.

What the Difference between Smoking and Vaping Is

First of all, it is necessary to figure out the difference between tobacco cigarettes and electronic ones. Tobacco cigarettes are lighted up and then burn, giving off smoke with nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are activated by a button. They are filled with special liquids that get evaporated by means of an atomizer. This process involves no burning, and instead of smoke there is vapor saturated with nicotine.

Tobacco Smoking and What It Brings

An ordinary electronic cigaretteBecause of burning tobacco, the smoke contains more than 4.000 harmful elements and compounds. Among them there are tars, carbon monoxide, cyanide, benzene, ammonia and others. More than 70 of them are carcinogenic. These compounds are responsible for the yellow coating of teeth of tobacco smokers and the specific color of fingers that hold cigarettes. It is a proved fact that the smoke of tobacco cigarettes is more harmful for passive smokers: those people who do not smoke but have to inhale the smoke from others. After all, the process of smoking tobacco leaves a very unpleasant smell on hair and clothes, the smell of breath smokers can be very heavy.

Electronic Cigarettes and Their Contents

Electronic cigarettes are allowed in public places because they do not produce vapor until they are drawn at. The vapor that is exhaled by users of e-cigs is said to be quite safe for other people, especially those who do not smoke. This vapor does not leave any unpleasant smell on clothes and skin. High-quality liquids do not contain any harmful components. Many times did researchers focus their attention on the contents of liquids used in electronic cigarettes. They mostly contain water, food additives and flavors. The amount of nicotine in such liquids is different – from “strong” to “zero”. There were experiments that resulted in  scientists founding other undesirable components in the liquid used in electronic cigarettes. However, later it was proved that the elements found in the liquid could also be found in many food products and cosmetics.

Still, it is necessary to remember that vaping is not a game. It is forbidden for children and teens, pregnant women and people who do not smoke. It is also necessary to be careful with e-cigs if the user has serious health troubles.

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