Quitting Smoking and Whether E-Cigs Are Really Effective for Quitting

It is said that e-cigs have never been developed as a means that helps to quit smoking. An e-cig is just another option of getting nicotine that seems to be less harmful than smoking tobacco. Even the best e-cig does not promise an easy quitting process and those who have already tried can understand.

Options for Quitting Smokers

There are lots of offered ways to quit smoking tobacco. Millions of people are using patches, chewing gums, pills, reading special books that are supposed to clear their mind. As a rule, these means give no effect. They satiate the body with nicotine for a short while and then people return to their smoking habits. In case this period is accompanied by a withdrawal syndrome, smokers rush to their beloved habit with more pleasure and intensity.

How E-Cigs Can Help

Woman smokes e-cigFrom a general point of view, smoking is somewhat more than just receiving nicotine. Smokers usually have no pleasure from patches or chewing gums that provide them with the same nicotine but without harmful tars and carcinogens. There is a psychological addiction, too. It is necessary to fill in gaps in a conversation, to relax during breaks in a working process. All this can be achieved with the help of the best e-cig, and it does not matter that the smell from the mouth is foul, that hair and clothes are soaked with the smoke. Smokers are very often blind to the fact that they are attacked with fits of a dreadful cough and that they cannot do even the simplest sports without choking. The usefulness of e-cigs is in the only fact that they give people the nicotine they need and the “ritual of smoking” without smoking at all.

A Gradual Process of Quitting

Unlike patches and chewing gums, e-cigs do not break the psychological addiction to cigarettes. It is very important for people who are already conscious about the harm of their habit. Using e-cigs people realize one important fact: they can live without tobacco cigarettes and the smell. The next step is to understand that they can live without nicotine, too. At this stage, they can reduce the amount of nicotine in their cigarettes to zero. This done, a person can be surprised with the fact that he or she is still holding something in the mouth while it is absolutely unnecessary.

However, to quit smoking, a person should be aware of the desire to do it. In general, it is possible to give up the habit in a month: this time is enough for the body to clear away all the traces of nicotine. This time can be hard to bear but possible for a person who really wants to quit.

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