Advantages and Drawbacks of Different Types of Printer Cartridges

Which cartridges do you use for your printer? Should you buy an expensive generic one or try to do with compatible items? All these questions are normal for people who are active users of printing devices. Cartridges can be the most expensive part of your printer, especially in the long run, after several replacements. Let’s see if you can make your expenses smaller and not to lose in quality.

Compatible Items

There are universal compatible cartridges that in theory can go well together with many types of printers. In the majority of cases, they are copies of generic ones with the same qualities and similar appearance. The main advantage of such things is their ability to suit different models of printers. They are cheaper than generic ones, though can sometimes be manufactured at the same factory with generic items. These compatible units can be refilled just like generic ones, they have the same working resource. Yet, manufacturers of printers usually discharge warranty certificates of printers that are equipped with compatible cartridges made by other companies. The matter is that such items can cause breakdowns more often than those which are developed exactly for a certain model of a printer. Besides that, such ones can often be fake, refilled more than once and have other defects. The only way to avoid them is to buy cartridges from respectable retailers.

Generic Units

Three printer cartridgesManufacturers of printers always recommend using cartridges produced by their own trademark: hp toner cartridges should go only with HP printers, and so on. Only these items can provide you with the best quality of printing pictures and textual documents. These items are usually much more expensive than compatible ones, though production of both types is usually outsourced to countries where it costs nothing. The main idea of such high prices – to return costs spent on manufacturing printers. Besides that, recommendations of using only generic cartridges usually draws a large flow of users to special shops where they give the trademark even larger profits. Though manufacturers of printers do not recommend refilling cartridges, they can also provide refill kits for those people who do want to revive their devices.

Why Not to Do Refilling at Home?

Refilling cartridges is a separate topic. You can bring your cartridge to people who specialize in it or try your own hands in this task. Be ready to rub the ink or toner off your palms and room: it is almost impossible to refill a cartridge in a proper way at home. It will also reflect on the quality of printing, so think carefully whether you need it at all or maybe it is better to buy a new item and have no troubles.

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