Laser, Inkjet and Matrix Printers: Their Advantages and Capabilities

Printers are devices that convey information recorded in a digital way onto paper. These devices are usually bought together with computers because such an approach saves people from inspecting computer shops for another time. Choosing a good printer is no less important than choosing a good computer. As a rule, for users of PCs at home, printers are needed for making copies of text files. Rarely, such printers are used for making pictures. That is why, if you are not a professional photographer and do not need to print pictures of a very high quality in large quantities, you do not need to pay more for a specialized device. It is better to have a simpler appliance, all functions of which you will use at their best. The most suitable option for a home usage is an inkjet printer that is effective though rather slow. A device that will provide you with printing of a higher quality is a laser printer. The best for pictures is a special photographic printer, but sometimes it is better to have your photos printed in a special salon.

Durable Laser Prints

So, laser printers print with the help of special toner cartridges that pour out a colored powder. The powder sticks to paper where it is heated: so there are images and symbols that cannot be washed away or smeared by fingers. Laser devices are rather expensive but have a great output: their cartridges cost just as inkjet ones but can give ten times as many pages. The toner in cartridges can be stored for years without getting dry or so: these cartridges are very economic. Besides that, these devices are very quick in printing. If you do not need full-color images, a monochrome laser printer can be a great purchase.

Colorful Inkjet Images

Matrix Printer on white backgroundInkjet devices are equipped with three or four ink containers: yellow, magenta and cyan colors and a black one as an option. Some of these three colored flows are mixed to receive other hues; they all together give the black one or something similar to it. If there is a separate black ink container, colored ink will be spent in a more economical way, while the black color will really be jet-black. Inkjet printers are good for printing colored images and pictures, but the ink is not waterproof, so the image can be distorted by a touch.

Cheap Matrix Options

Matrix printers are the least efficient of all. They are very slow because they print through a special tape pressed onto paper with needles. These devices are also very noisy and cannot give colored prints. Their advantage is in their price: they are cheap in service, too. So, these printers are a great option for those people who download books from the web and print them on cheap paper.

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