Are E-Cigs Useful for Quitting Smoking?

Surfing the web, you have probably met a lot of reviews and articles dedicated to electronic cigarettes, their advantages and drawbacks and the way they help people to quit smoking. It is said that these devices are suitable for both smokers of tobacco cigarettes and those who have never tried them. The matter is that these devices are promoted as harmless options to carcinogenic tobacco cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Reading all those positive and negative reviews, customers are often confused with different types of information they can receive from them. Let’s make an attempt on our own and determine the main positive and negative sides of electronic cigarettes.

The Way They Work

Man smoking e-cigThe main trick of these devices is in the fact that they can simulate the process of smoking up to the smallest details. Psychologists say that people who are addicted to smoking have a habit of having something near their mouth. This habit has roots in the childhood and reflects the habit of using pacifiers. In the process of smoking, a person has a double delight of having a “pacifier” in the form of a cigarette and inhales enough nicotine to create a temporary state of euphoria. The process involves inhaling smoke and giving it off. E-cigs can give all these delights as well. Instead of smoke, they generate vapor saturated with pure nicotine that can be inhaled in a regular way. Classical electronic cigarettes are equipped with a diode light that imitates the light of a tobacco cigarette. At the first glance, the process of vaping is not different from the process of smoking. Still, as we learn more about the contents of the smoke and the vapor, it becomes clear that the vapor contains fewer harmful ingredients. The liquid used to generate the vapor usually contains propylene glycol or glycerin, concentrated nicotine and a flavor. All these components are not totally harmless, but upon the whole, there are no frank carcinogens among them. The temperature of the vapor is lower than that of the smoke, so there are no burns on the mucus lining of the mouth.

A New Addiction

Still, the negative side of these cigarettes is in the fact that they sustain the nicotine addiction of former smokers. Sometimes, people buy e-cigs to quit smoking, but in fact get addicted to benefits of these devices. For example, they can be used in public places: why not to have a puff? These cigarettes are said to be less harmless: why not to use them a little longer than planned? All these factors make e-cigs a poor remedy for those who want to quit. Still, being a less dangerous option, they have their audience.

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