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Who Will Win the Battle of Titans: Apple or Android?

android becomes more and more popular

It is a battle of titans, a mortal combat, or even the war of worlds. The things that take place in today’s mobile market are not just a marketing war. It is not that important who Apple will fight next time, whether it is Samsung, HTC, or Motorolla.

Helpful Tips for a Newbie Blogger

Blue and white word blog repeated

Every modern person who is involved in the world of Internet technologies knows about blogs. Many people, especially business owners, use them in order to promote their companies. Blogging is considered to be one of the most effective marketing techniques.

Types of Email Сlients You Can Install and Use

Mailbox on white background

If you are still receiving and sending emails directly through your server, you can be losing a lot of time and effort. For example, the process of checking your mailbox can be one of the main activities you do at your working place. Waiting for an urgent email, you keep checking the mailbox every ten […]