Types of Email Сlients You Can Install and Use

If you are still receiving and sending emails directly through your server, you can be losing a lot of time and effort. For example, the process of checking your mailbox can be one of the main activities you do at your working place. Waiting for an urgent email, you keep checking the mailbox every ten minutes wasting a lot of time that you could spend on other tasks. In addition to this, interrupting your activities to check the mail can cause you to make mistakes, lose the idea you were thinking over, and so on. That is why you should think about the possibility of installing a special program that will make your work with emails more effective and productive. Having an email client allows you to read your messages and reply to them without getting connected to the Internet. Some clients are tuned in in such a way that they inform you when new messages arrive. You do not need to distract attention from more important tasks. There are several popular clients: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat, Incredi Mail, Becky, Opera, Mozilla Thunderbird, and others.

Drawbacks of Email Clients

Mailbox on white backgroundWith all the obvious benefits of these programs, you need to be aware of several drawbacks. There are types of software that are issued as email clients by unknown developers, but working as spies. These programs are likely to steal your passwords. Besides that, the information email clients store can be lost if the program collapses. There are specialists who can undertake pst repair (restore the *.pst file that contains the database of your email client), but there is no guarantee that all the information will be safe. In this comparison, servers are more secure as they are not about to collapse abruptly. Some of the most popular email clients are not secure enough. Specialists recommend suspending their use and uninstalling. This way you can cover a huge gap in the security of your machine. Mainly, these are clients that come with the basic firmware of the computer.

Alternative clients have a range of their own advantages and drawbacks. They are more secure, but some of them are paid for and others are ad-aware. It means that until you register your product, your letters will contain advertisements. After the registration, you are not going to receive any additional benefits, but the ads will disappear. Such clients are popular mainly because they are fast.

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