Who Will Win the Battle of Titans: Apple or Android?

It is a battle of titans, a mortal combat, or even the war of worlds. The things that take place in today’s mobile market are not just a marketing war. It is not that important who Apple will fight next time, whether it is Samsung, HTC, or Motorolla. These brands are small puzzle particles inside a larger battle of giants in the IT industry: Apple and Google. What is at stake is absolutely real: global leadership.

The Apple of Discord

The two companies have really thought about things in different ways, acted differently, and each new arrival on the market was welcomed as a sensation. These newcomers and developers of new technologies seemed to be out of reach for competitors through the recent years. However something happened and Samsung surpassed them by ten million smartphones. The founder of the Apple Corporation even said that they were never too shy to steal someone’s ideas, but the same attitude from rivals was cause for legal action. Up to that moment, developers of Samsung had been leaders on almost all global markets.

No Need to Be a Genius

android becomes more and more popularAll these claims seem to be trivial for South Korean developers of Android. They go far enough to compare their newest device with that of Apple. It is not hard to guess who wins the competition. Yet, the company has never held back the fact that their ideas are based more on copying than innovation. They have never claimed that any innovation of theirs is unique, but they instead tracked the tendency of the market and provided people with what they needed most. It is quite clear now that in order to conquer the market, one does not need to be a genius. It is necessary to be a good specialist in marketing.

Benefits for Customers

It is obvious that both companies have passed the critical point. This is no longer a trade war, but one for survival and it involves almost all participants of the smartphone market. The value of this segment of the market is reaching $200 million. However, such wars have always worked to the customer’s advantage. Now when the competition between Apple and Android reaches the boiling point, they can enjoy both the scenery and the fruits of the battle. Prices are dropping and titans are attracting clients with more beneficial offers and developments. It seems that customers will soon be able to enjoy the most modern devices practically for free in order to just keep the clients loyal.

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