The Popularity of Lync 2013 Hosted Services

If someone is looking for the best hosted services out there, there is one great option that should be considered. That’s because it can offer high scalability and performance. This can be said for lync 2013 hosted services, as there are many users who think that they are simply impressive. This option can support even the largest enterprises, so it is useful for all kinds of businesses and users.

Different Interesting Details

Lync 2013 text on white backgroundBasically, this kind of system uses one interesting concept called Brick Architecture. This is what helps to decrease the dependency on SQL servers by moving to a specific model. People should know that one of the greatest scalability enhancements is their anticipated increase in a maximum number of users per one pool. This means that lync 2013 hosted services can support a large number of users, but there are other features that make them beneficial.

It makes sense to mention that video and audio servers scale much better, so people no longer require any dedicated AV servers. When using Lync hosted services, it is possible to find them co-located with front-end servers. This kind of requirement is effective when it comes to other functions, such as monitoring, archiving, and XMPP. It is necessary to know that this kind of system is based on the main idea that the coupling of Lync and SQL servers causes sub-optimal performance.

Other Important Aspects That Should Be Mentioned

When it comes to operational perspectives, the main aspect of these features and changes is that front-end servers are responsible for managing user states. There are different changes that are designed to support this type of managing presence. This means that users are able to take advantage of changed algorithms. They need to know that there are at least three servers in their pool, so it is possible to maintain three copies of their important data on front-end servers.

This is how it becomes possible to increase a number of data copies. It is true that Lync pools have a special quorum now. In addition, there should be a minimum number of healthy servers before starting such services. It makes sense to benefit from a wide range of management enhancements. For example, users can use one amazing option related to patching. They are also able to control a variety of aspects connected to their server logging. This is what makes these hosted services so popular.

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