Top 5: Most Innovative Home Automation Devices

The whole concept behind home automation is to provide the end user with essential home networking functionality at their fingertips. There have been many innovations in this industry but very few have been able to make an impact. The two reasons for this are cost and usability.

Affordable Home entertainment systems can sometimes be an expensive venture. This can make it seem like a viable option for only a select few homes, rather than the mass market it is intended for. On top of the cost of the technology, the speed with which it has developed plays a part in its ability to conquer the market. With so many innovations introduced over the years, many have become outdated or less useful than others in terms of home management.

These combined challenges of cost and usability make it difficult to imagine home automation becoming commonplace, but the market is now welcoming new mass market-friendly technology which makes automated home management a real possibility for many homes.

Big household brands are leading the way by overcoming the challenges and making news with their projects.  Apple is planning to unveil its plans for a range of home automation products at the upcoming Worldwide Developers’ Conference. There is talk of serious game-changing potential with new, affordable and versatile devices expected to appear in the coming months. These ‘smart home’ products would be controlled by a remote control in the form of a smartphone or tablet device.

Of course, Apple is not the only contender in the home automation race. Many brands and many developers are coming up with new technologies and products. Below are five of the most innovative home automation technologies out there.

Automated Vacuum Cleaner an automated vacuum cleaner on a floor

This is a very handy device to have in any home. It saves time and energy, much to the delight of those with busy lives. You no longer have to make time to clean your home because the iRobot does it on its own. It removes 98% of dirt, dust and pet hair, all at the touch of a button. Its unique design means it can clean hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Regulating temperature is essential if you want to keep utility bills in check. Thermostats are a common sight in most homes. a wi-fi thermostat on a wallHowever, to regulate them you usually have to walk up to the panel and physically make the adjustments. Not anymore. Now you can do it from the smartphone. Safe to use, Wi-Fi thermostats are able to connect to almost any device and allow homeowners to adjust the temperature without having to move from the sofa. These thermostats also offer superb comfort control features, such as alerts if your home reaches extreme temperatures.

Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt

a deadbolt with bluetooth functionsThe Bluetooth-Enabled Deadblolt is a firm favourite with many. Your smartphone essentially becomes your house key. It eliminates the need to root through your pockets for keys or untangle those on your keychain. Just keep your phone in your pocket or bag and just touch the lock to open. Having a smartphone is not a prerequisite though. Some models of this device work without a smartphone, giving you more choice and flexibility.

Automated Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are an invaluable safety feature and a must for all homes. They keep you safe and put your a hand adjusting a smoke detectormind at ease, but what happens if your smoke alarm goes off and you aren’t there to hear it? How do you find out before it is too late? Well, automated smoke detectors connect to your smartphone and send you an immediate alert if the alarm goes off. Additionally, the automated smoke detector will send an alert to your phone when batteries need replacing, so there won’t be any more 3am wake up calls from chirping smoke alarms.

The iPort

a framed iPort on a wallThis is a very handy invention because it provides the homeowner with an amazing array of capabilities right on your iPad. Your iPad will slip easily into the cheap iPort iw 21, making the walled device a control panel monitor for complete home automation. From the control panel you can control virtually anything in your home, from dimming the lights to turning up the thermostat.

These are just a few of the amazing home automation devices out there, being developed and perfected for the mass market. All of these devices are a useful addition to any home. They are superb examples of technological innovation and its practical purpose in the domestic sphere. So if you are looking to embrace home automation, these products are a good place to start.

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