An Insider’s Look at Samsung’s Printer Design Concepts

According to Hexus, on the 5th of September 2014, Samsung revealed its novel approach to its printing design concepts by introducing its designs at IFA, a trade show for consumer electronics. Samsung also claimed that these four designs will be available in a series of vibrant colours and that they will be installed with environmentally-friendly features. These intriguing concepts also won the iF Design Award, part of the Concept Design category.

General Manager of Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, Mark Ash, commented: “Samsung’s concept printers are designed to be simple, mobile and quick to use. We developed our design concept printers to apply the mobile printing trend in the home and office and the increasing trend for eco-friendly technology.”

“We are excited to be able to deliver a new printing experience for small businesses and home offices alike.”

Next, let’s take a look at the four designs they revealed and the benefits of each concept. Click here and discover the UK’s cheapest printers and cartridges.


Vase is a printer that is designed to tackle the issue of space. It is a mono laser device with a standing design. This allows the user to feed paper vertically, which in turn will minimise the amount of space it takes up in the office or home office. As for visual appeal, it will be available in an array of “neutral colours,” making it beneficial for those who are conscious about optical design.

Egg Tray

Egg Tray is centred on providing users with an eco-friendly experience, without compromising on quality or efficiency. It works with recyclable paper and “uses one pulp-moulded tray.” This helps to significantly reduce “material costs” as well as be environmentally-friendly.


One&One is another mono laser device that consists of a unique, “hybrid design that can print in two different colours.” The available printer cartridges allow users to “print in cyan, magenta or yellow”. This helps to harmonise the common black ink.


The final design concept is known as ‘Mate’. It too is a mono laser printer. However, unlike the ones above, it can be personalised to suit your preferences. On the printer, there are a collection of panels that can be customised to the colour of your choice to add a personal touch to your printing experience.

These are the four design concepts that proved a success at this year’s IFA.

What do you think about the four concepts? Is there one in particular that you are looking forward to hitting the market?

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