Chemabrasion coding

To remove foreign materialTo reduce the number of bacteriaTo reduce the complications and improve the healing process.

Sharp surgical debridement and laser debridement under anesthesia are the fastest

methods of debridement. They are very selective, meaning that the person performing the debridement has complete control over which tissue is removed and which is left behind. Surgical debridement can be performed in the operating room or at bedside, depending on the extent of the necrotic material. This method works best on wounds with a large amount of necrotic tissue in conjunction with infected tissue. The wound may or may not be closed.


11010-11012: Debridement including removal of foreign material at the site of an open fracture and/ or open dislocation (e.g., surgical debridement); skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle fascia, muscle and bone.

Repeat debridement may be necessary in certain circumstances. When coding for a “staged” or “planned” debridement during the usual postoperative follow-up period of the original procedure, it’s important to use the appropriate modifiers.

Use modifier 58 Staged or related procedure or service by the same physician or qualified health care professional during the postoperative period in the following instances:When the debridement procedure(s) are staged prospectively at the time of the original procedure, or during the usual postoperative follow-up period of the fracture treatment.When the staged procedure is more extensive than the original procedure. For example, when an initial debridement procedure(s) is performed and a larger procedure (e.g., definitive open fracture treatment) is a staged surgical intervention.When other reconstructive procedure(s) (e.g., skin graft, myocutaneous flap, vessel graft) are planned or staged prospectively at the time of either the original procedure or during the usual postoperative follow-up period of other reparative procedure(s) and/or fracture treatment.medical coding training

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