Lensectomy coding

Os: Left eye (oculus sinister).

Ou: Each eye or both eyes (oculus uterque).

PERRLA: An abbreviation means Pupils are Equal, Round, Response to Light and Accommodation.

Posterior chamber: Located behind the iris and in front of the ligaments holding the lens in place.

Posterior segment: Makes up the remaining two-thirds of the eyeball.

Radial keratotomy: A surgical procedure to treat myopia.

Refractive disorder: A focusing problem that occurs when the lens and cornea do not bend light so that it focuses properly on the retina.

Strabismus: A disorder in which the eyes point in different directions or are not aligned correctly because the eye muscles are unable to focus together.

An ocular implant is an implant inside muscular cone; an orbital implant is an implant outside muscular cone.

Codes 65125-65175 describe modification of ocular implant with placement or replacement of pegs, insertion of ocular implant, secondary after evisceration or enucleation, reinsertion of ocular implant and removal of ocular implant.

Codes 65205-65265 describe removal of foreign body from conjunctiva, cornea with and without slit lamp, anterior chamber of eye or lens or from posterior segment. 

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