Physical Status coding

Report a single code whether physician performs single or multiple procedures. If the physician performs multiple procedures, report the anesthesia for the complex procedure and total time for all procedures.

The Anesthesiologist’s services are based not only on the surgical procedure performed by the surgeon, but also by the amount of time the anesthesia was administered to the patient

Anesthesia procedure codes and service codes do not include the actual time required for the anesthesia care, (i.e., the time spent providing the anesthesia service).

Time is reported separately when anesthesia services are coded. The anesthesia time begins when the anesthesiologist starts preparing the patient for anesthesia in the operating room. The time ends when the patient is safely placed under postoperative supervision. At this point, the anesthesiologist is no longer in attendance.

Sometimes anesthesia services are performed in difficult circumstances. These may be patient condition, unusual risk factors, and operative conditions. Report additionally the following add-on codes when appropriate: Medical coding training UAE

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