Review of Copy Buffett App

<p>Due to having so many scams going on all around the world, people have lost trust in internet. They are not comfortable doing business over internet anymore. This intense scamming have created lot of problems for the people who are legit &amp; genuine in their approach to help people. As explained earlier scamming has done a lot of harm to the people. They do not want to invest through internet anymore, despite of the fact that it has got a lot of opportunities for people. Investment in stock market can be a healthy business if you know for sure that the company you are investing in or the people you are investing through are not scam. Citidel Ltd is an app developed for the people who are interested in investment in stock exchange &amp; do not know much about these kind of investments. Copy Buffett has got lot of positivism trough out the whole world which is its evidence of not being scam. It works in a binary options method. It is the method which is so simple that even a beginner can handle it easily. Binary options means that after investment there are two options, either you will end up getting profit or you will end up losing your money. That makes it risky but life is all about risk. Risk management can get you highest profits possible. You can invest in stable companies to minimize the risk of losing your money.&nbsp;</p>

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