drupal web developers

<p>Drupal is one of the most popular CMS &ndash; Content Management System that is used by many websites around the world. Drupal helps you to set up blogs and websites for various purposes and moreover assists you in handling the content is the professional manner. Drupal offers a wide range of Modules that enhance the performance of your Drupal website or blog and reduce the manual efforts in various areas largely. The Feature Module offered by Drupal is yet another wonderful module that would be discussed in detail in the sections below for better understanding. The Features Module acts like a bundle of components from various other Drupal Modules to enable the reusability of the same by capturing and managing them. The only difference that you can find between the Features Module and other regular Drupal Modules is that the Features Module can declare its own components. You can define or add the components that you would like to use repeatedly across various other blogs or websites. The Features include components such as the photo gallery, blog, forum, slideshow, pressroom, e-commerce store, menu items, fields and many more. The Features Module declares all the components in a .info file to check, update and revert the same programmatically whenever required. Many conventional web developers are moving towards Drupal. <a href="http://www.rouge-media.com/">www.rouge-media.com/</a> is one of the best company who have specialized Drupal web developers. Contact Rouge Media for more information.</p>

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