drupal web developers

<p>Drupal is a powerful Content Management System with many exciting features. Have a look at some general features:</p><p>1. Great Content organizer: The content organizer allows you to classify content into various categories and organizes it for better management. User permission is another efficient feature of Drupal.</p><p>2. SEO Friendly: Drupal&rsquo;s Web development tools are aligned beautifully to manage Website SEO effortlessly. May it be canonical, navigation, URL mapping or Meta tags, everything can be managed easily in Drupal.</p><p>3. Better Security: Drupal is arguably the most secured Content Management Systems, atleast while considering the PHP based systems. It considers each element of a website as an object and has security algorithms working for every element.</p><p>4. Support for Mobile: All the themes in Drupal, starting with Version 8, are made responsive along with the admin theme that fits into any device by default. Drupal also resizes the image automatically.</p><p>5. Built-in web services: Being a multilingual platform, there is a need to access various data sources. Drupal with its version 7 and above has implemented Hypertext Application Language (HAL) that makes exploitation of web service capabilities less painful.</p><p>6. Community Support: The Drupal platform is a user-developer friendly platform and is quite helpful to the community members who often co-relate with each other for various issues. There are continuous update in the add-ons and extensions that allow companies to grow mutually.</p><p>For your website development, visit <a href="http://www.rouge-media.com/">www.rouge-media.com</a> for best Drupal web developers!</p>

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