Responsive Web Sites

<p>Smartphones and tablets have changed the internet presence and approach towards design and user experience. Before the mobile devices, web designers had only one challenge to face that is to keep the same look and feel of their websites across various desktop browsers. But now, interaction on mobile devices is not same. One has to look after many factors contributing to the responsive web design including: click vs. touch, screen size, pixel resolution, fonts and much more. Before going into the details that why responsive web design is important, first we need to know that what is actually a responsive web design. Responsive Web Design is a collection of techniques that allow a website to change itself and adapt to the size of screen it&rsquo;s being viewed on. It is an is an approach of laying-out and coding a website such that the website provides an optimal viewing experience with ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. Someone opening your site on a small smartphone will be shown the same site as the person opening it on their laptop. Previously web designs were made for desktop first and then a mobile site was given a thought with minimal functionality. Deciding what is most important to a viewer on a mobile device with limited bandwidth, processing power and screen size means going away from our main purpose. A good web design company will cater all your needs and will help you with every possible latest trend in the market.</p>

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